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Posted by Brittany Huhn on March 4, 2017

Taco of the Month


Pulled Pork


Greek Yogurt and Avocado Sauce

Lime Wedge & Peppers on the side

Posted by Brittany Huhn on March 4, 2017


First, thank you to everyone for being patient while we waited for our website to launch!

The first four months we have been open have been like a really awesome roller coaster ride. We changed so many things in the first 30 minutes we were open. So of course, as we went through our first few months we listened to everyone’s feedback, both negative and positive. We have made a lot of changes since opening. Everything from the way we serve the food to offering fresh ingredients to making deliveries.

We will continue to update our blog with our Taco of the Month, specials, and lots of other things.

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